Past Shows

It all began back in 1980…

His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen was closed for refurbishment during the Christmas season in 1980. During this time, it was decided by some of the local people of Inverurie to perform a Pantomime in the Town Hall in Inverurie.

In 2001 George R Mitchell took over the running of the pantomime with his production company Trap 4 Limited. Radical changes were made to the running of the show, including making it a professional production.

For the 2002 show, Scrooge, Sets In Motion was employed to design, build and install a custom stage set. This continued until 2008 when Sets In Motion bought Trap 4 Limited.

Since then we have made a return to traditional pantomime, raising over £25,000 for charity. Looking forward, we hope to continue to provide first class Christmas entertainment.